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Tips & tricks


Whether you charter a sailing boat or a motor boat you will receive the invoice when you finally decide for the yacht you want.
Standard rule for both, sailing boats and motor boats, if you book it in advance, is to pay the rental fee in two parts.
First part of the rental fee is usually paid within seven working days from the date actual booking is made. Second part should be paid minimum 30 days prior to charter date.
When you make these two payments charter fee is closed and you can wait and prepare for you journey.
Each charter company has its own rules regarding other costs, obligatory and optional, should it be paid in advance together with the rental fee or should it be paid in base on charter companies reception together with other paperwork prior to check in.
Make sure you understand the business politics of the charter company you´ve chosen for your holiday.
Feel free to ask your agent, or charter company directly, all additional informations you feel you should know.
Together with the invoice for rental fee, you will receive Terms & Conditions for that particular charter company you've chosen for your holiday.
Make sure you read it in the way you understand it and you should be aware that you must respect the charter company business politics in order to satisfy both side, charterers and companies.
At the beginning of the charter, together with the other paperwork, you will be asked in which way you want to pay the security deposit for chosen boat. You can choose whether you will pay it in cash, by credit card or you will buy an insurance of deposit. At the check out, if the boat is returned in the condition it was accepted by the client at the check in, the security deposit will be given back to the client.
Make sure you check security deposit issue before your arrival in order to be prepared. Maybe the chosen charter company offers only two of three options regarding paying security deposit so you want to be sure what your options are.


Taking you children to sailing boat or motor boat must be a pleasure but with a dose of caution. Give your children a nicest sailing vacation they can imagine. Show them all the best from the destination you've chosen for your vacation. Take them to the nicest sand beaches, show them deep clear sea and enjoy yourself the best vacation ever.
Although the vacation should be careless and perfect you should consider the safety especially of the youngest on board. Sailing with the children can be unforgettable. You just need to keep them busy and involved with sailing. That brings extra safety measures.
Here are some tips on which you should pay attention.
Always ask the charter company to provide you LIFE VESTS for children on board. Make sure you give them informations they ask you like weight of the child and age.
While making check in check if the boat has SAFETY ROPE on both sides of the boat. Ask the charter company to provide it if it's not on boat.
Make sure you check if there is proper connection on HARNESS for the safety rope.
Check if the GAS CONTROL SISTEM (gas alarm) is ok.
Beware of how SUN affects the skin, especially young children's skin, and look for sun shade.
Check the FIRST AID box on the boat and ask to refill if it is not full.
If you feel like you need it, and we certainly recommend it, order the SAFETY NET. The best would be if you order it immediately when booking is made or in any time before the actual charter because putting the safety net takes time and it can waste you a few hours in the base.
There are some other tips that can help you prevent any accidents:
- check the boat properly
- keep close to the shore
- worn the children before changing the course
- do not let them be involved in docking the boat especially if they are younger
- always look or smell for gas in the evening
- do not pull them in the dinghy if there is lots of traffic